PFF Assessment Projects

The PFF National Office has internally conducted several projects to assess the impact of PFF programs. During Phase 1 of the program, each institution submitted a final report on thier progress. The reports were in case study format. These case studies became the preliminary foundation for The Impact: Assessing Experiences of Participants in the Preparing Future Faculty Program-1994-1996. A copy of this occasional paper can be obtained by contacting the AAC&U or CGS Publications Offices.

In production now are three other internal assessment papers. These articles will be posted in the Publications By and About PFF section of this site shortly. The first article, by A. Leigh DeNeef, Associate Dean of the Graduate School at Duke University, reports on a series of interviews that were conducted with PFF participants who were either in the job search process or had recently obtained a faculty position. The working title of this article is The Preparing Future Faculty Project: What Difference Does it Make? The second article, by Stacey Lane Tice, Director of the Future Professoriate Project at Syracuse University, will be in production shortly. Finally, the third article, Memo to the Graduate Faculty: What Employing Institutions Want in New Faculty by Dr. Kathrynn A. Adams at Guilford College, reports on a series of interviews with colleges and universities about what qualities search committees specifically look for in candidates for new faculty members.

During the fall of 2000, NSF and the private donor are conducting an independent, 3-year assessment of the impact of PFF programs through an private contractor. The goals of this assessment are to determine how the programs are affecting doctoral students' experiences in the job market and as new faculty members, how PFF programs are affecting institutional and departmental climate around doctoral preparation, and what impact PFF programs are having on the hiring institutions. This assessment project is in the very beginning stages, but findings will be forthcoming. As progress is made and findings are shared with the PFF National Office, more information will be posted to this site.

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