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PFFNET is an electronic mailing list for graduate students, faculty, and others who are interested in Preparing Future Faculty. Topics are germane to the goals and interests of PFF specifically and to anyone involved in preparing doctoral students for careers as college and university faculty. PFFNET is owned and moderated by the Preparing Future Faculty National Office.

PFFNET is open to anyone interested in preparing doctoral students for the professoriate. Subscribers do not need to be participants in in a PFF program or affiliated with a PFF-participating campus. PFFNET will be used to share news and information, field inquiries, and provide a forum for discussion about general and specific practices related to PFF programs as well as programs that are similar to the PFF programs. The electronic newsletter is also a place for the sharing of program-related resources.

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To subscribe to PFFNET, email the National Office. Include the following in your message: "Subscribe PFFNET," your full name, and the name of your institution.

Messages sent to PFFNET are moderated. This review is to ensure that messages are "appropriate" for our subscribers. The reason for this practice is to limit the number of private or individual messages sent to the whole list. In effect, moderation is intended to manage mail flow - not content - although, clearly, content informs the review.

Questions, suggestions, or concerns about the operation of this list and its content should be addressed to the address and/or email below.

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